Root Access to Full HTML Code

We need root access to the full html code. Does anyone know how to access it?

We need to edit the top header in order to add the “submissions” tab to the main header rather than having it as a subheader.

Hi @pkwan,

OJS uses Smarty templates, so you’ll need to locate and modify the right .tpl file. I believe templates/frontend/components/primaryNavMenu.tpl is the template you want to modify.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you very much! A follow-up question: I can view the source code of an existing OJS web site from browser. In order to locate the template file of an existing OJS site, Do I need to install an PKP IDE in order to open and modify the smarty template? Once a new template is completed, how can I load it to my OJS system?

You do not need any special IDE to edit the source files, but you can use any IDE which is aware of PHP and Smarty. For example, I use Netbeans for my work; I’m pretty sure @asmecher primarily uses command line tools (like sed and vim) for editing.

If you are going to be doing much work in modifying the core code, I strongly recommend looking into using a revision control system, like Git, Subversion, or Mercurial. This will help you track and manage local code changes.