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We have OJS installed and have a global administrator account. The problem that I am having is that this account keeps getting the message that it does not have the correct permissions. I get the error:

You do not currently have sufficient privileges to view the submission. Please edit your profile to ensure that you have been granted the appropriate roles under “Register As”

when trying to review a submission and I get the error:

You do not have sufficient permissions to administer this user. In order to administer a user, you must either be site administrator, or administer all contexts that this user is enrolled in.

when trying to edit a user.

My question is. Is there a permission higher than global administrator that can edit users? Also, Is there a way add an admin user to a journal maybe with an sql command?

thanks in advance.

Application Version OJS

Hi @Jeremy_Jones,

You can get a better sense of the roles in our documentation here: Users and Roles (this documentation is for 3.2 [we’re working on our update to docs for 3.3, but it should be fairly comparable]).

The roles in OJS and access to the various parts of the workflow aren’t necessarily hierarchical and can be customized and configured (as outlined in the documentation. Being a top level admin (called the site administrator in OJS) doesn’t necessarily give you access to the “lower” levels (e.g. accessing submissions, various parts of the editorial workflow, etc.) - you get access to these through the use of other roles (e.g. Journal Manager, Editor, etc.) being associated to your account, which you can add by going to “Users & Roles” > searching for the account that you’d like to edit - clicking the little down arrow and selecting “Edit User” and then if you scroll down you should see the roles associated with your account - so you can select the relevant roles that you need access to.

If that doesn’t work, let me know, and we can explore some other options.

PKP Team

Thank you for your help. I did find these options and we are currently working through the correct combination of roles to allow the user to access the appropriate actions.

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