Revision email with each upload

We are currently using OJS

After the latest update we are receiving automatic emails from the authors once they upload files. The problem is we are receiving one for each and every file they upload. This makes for a lot of emails being sent from authors (as in our guidelines we ask them to send their images separately as JPEGs for layout purposes).

Is there any way to limit this to one email per revision? Maybe just for the Main Document uploaded?

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Nadine van der Merwe
ASSAf Online Publishing Systems Administrator.


See my post here Too frequent "New revision uploaded" notifications in OJS and the discussion here Author Confirmation Notice that Revised File Has Been Received · Issue #2665 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

I just fixed the issue on our own server. Not sure if/when something will happen in the core code to solve that. I got a lot of complaints from our editors after the change there.

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Thanks @ajnyga

We are also receiving a lot of complaints. Will you be willing to share your changes with us? Then maybe we can implement as well?

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