{$reviewGuidelines} in reviewer invitation email does not resolve

One of our editors customized the email template “Review Request Oneclick” and also added the string {$reviewGuidelines} to it. This string was not originally in the template but can be found in the email template "“Review Request Attached”. However, it does not resolve when the “Review Request Oneclick” email is sent. The receiver sees the verbatim {$reviewGuidelines}. Is it not possible to use this string in any email template other than the ones it was originally shipped with?

Edit: I forgot. We use OJS

Hi @heike_riegler,

I have found two email templates with {$reviewGuidelines}: REVIEW_REQUEST_ATTACHED and REVIEW_REQUEST_ATTACHED_SUBSEQUENT. As far as I can tell, these are not used. The email templates which are used when assigning a review are:


{$reviewGuidelines} is not used in any of these, and as far as I can tell that piece of information is not available for use in these email templates.

Having said that, I am not very familiar with the email template code. I don’t know if REVIEW_REQUEST_ATTACHED is actually not used or if I’m just missing something. Maybe @asmecher can confirm.