Reviewers Certificate

Giving certificates to reviewers is a good practice and an incentive as well. I have heard some other journal management systems automatically generate and send kind of ‘e certificate’ to the reviewers after the review is submitted. I think it would be great if OJS could incorporate this feature.

There are actually a couple of similar requests in Githu: Issues · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

So porbably something is going happen with those in the near future.

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Thanks for prompt reply


in our journal ( we integrated this option about two years ago. Unfortunately we didn’t develop it as an extensible plugin to other versions of OJS because it only covered our needs.

Certificate creation requires authentication (to avoid its use in open sessions). The PDFs are digitally signed. Attached are screenshots


A more modern alternative would be the inclusion of revisions in Publons’ author profiles. You can get this plugin for OJS 2.X. (

In this post we also talk about other integrations of our journal:



Dear SAM thanks for your reply. Could you please help me in getting this feature in OJS current version?


unfortunately we do not have the deployed this development in OJS3, nor do we have plans to do so. I think the SQL query for OJS3 will be different.

You can use the TCPDF library together with FPDF if you implement it in PHP. You could also use iText 7 if the certificates are complex and you prefer work with JAVA.

In any case, the most transparent, automatic and currently is to use Publons.


now there’s a Publons plugin for OJS3:

It looks like this has not been updated for OJS 3.2 yet. I’ve asked if they plan to keep the plugin updated here.