Reviewers cannot receive email notifications

I am using OJS Since last couple of weeks i am facing a problem that when i invited the registered reviewers to review a manuscript they cannot receive the email notifications in their emails. Also it shows in my journal associated email account that email to this users failed.
This problem as i observed mostly happned for gmail accounts. I mean those registered users who used gmail accounts cannot receive email notifications from the journal.
I am requesting that this is a serious issue and may be not only for me. I need guidance on how to solve it.

Hi @shakirsoc,

You may want to have a look at other posts on this, as others have reported issues with gmail addresses too:

In order to be able to troubleshoot, having your mail logs to be able to troubleshoot will be required.

PKP Team

Hello @shakirsoc
One question: Are the email domain used by your journal the same as the domain of your journal?
I mean, is it the same?
if it isn’t, Gmail will be labeling your emails as dangerous.
My recommendation is to use an email address that is the same domain as the journal.

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Thank you so much @dagosalas yes both domains are same. our email account associated with journal website has the same domain as the journal domain.
I do not know whats the issue is. but serious issue.
I hope it can be solved soon.
Thanks once again.

Ok, something that has worked for me personally is to configure the DMARC and the default_envelope_sender, that way all the mail is sent from a single “official” account and you avoid that the editors or reviewers have bounced mail.

Try it and tell us.

Thank you, @dagosalas the instructions you sent, should i follow these to configure the system?
Thank you for your guidance.

Well this worked for me, you can try and see if it fixes your problem, you need to modify the config.ini.php file.

@dagosalas can you please share your email with me i really need help in this regard we can communicate in person. Please contact me at:
I shall be very thankful.

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