Reviewers and Editors overview in OJS 3.0.x


We’ve recently upgraded to OJS 3.0.2, and everything is working fine. However we have a big issue with the way in which reviewers are assigned and can be viewed. In short, unlike in OJS 2, there seems to be no way to check the overall situation with regard to reviewers, i.e. which reviewer is doing what, when they last reviewed an article etc. One can only, it seems, see a list of names (without any data) when you are selecting a reviewer, and then when you select a reviewer, you get to see whether they are currently reviewing something or not - and that’s it!

As either Editor in Chief or a Section Editor, I need to have this overview, to be able to see when a reviewer last reviewed for us, how many reviews they have done, how fast they are as a reviewer etc. And I need to be able to see this information on one screen, not just person-by-person. This is essential!

This also applies to ny Section Editors. I need to be able to see at a glance, how many pieces they are responsible for, and this also seems to be something that has vanished in OJS 3.

Am I missing something here?



I’d really welcome some kind of an answer, from someone…

Hey there.

I would also like to know more about this, I have the same problem.

Maybe @asmecher could answer?

Thanks for posting this @DavidMW.

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Hi @DavidMW,

There should be some statistics like you describe for reviewers – see for example this screenshot:

Are you not seeing these statistics, or are they insufficient?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

We are now!

Was there a fix installed? (see EDIT below)

I am really not imagining things - last week all I could see was the names.

This is great! Thanks.

However, the second part of my problem - that we can’t see stats for editors and editorial assignments remains. I used to be able to assign an editor in much the same way as a reviewer, and I could see stats like those above for editorial assignment. Now, when I try to add a ‘Participant’, I just get a list of names with no indication of who has done, or is already doing, what.

EDIT: I had assumed that the lack of Reviewer stats was a Upgrade / Feature issue not a Set-up / Transfer issue, but it may be the latter and that our own OJS team have fixed this. If so, I am sorry for wasting your time. I am now officially confused…