Reviewer Register email template

I as a section editor want to add a new user as a reviewer and send an email already in OJS email templates " Reviewer Register" automatically to the newly added reviewer.

Please guide me how can I do it?
I am using OJS

My Attempt
I tried to register a new user and assigned a role of reviewer only but the user gets the template email " Journal Registration" .

But I want this user to get a OJS template email of " Reviewer Register"


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Hello @seisense , we also have the same problem with ojs 3.1.2-4. Did you find a solution?


1- open the submission you want to assign a reviewer. Go to " Add Reviewer" section in the workflow
2- A window will open to assign a reviewer. scroll down to the end of the window and you will see an option " Create New Reviewer"

Click on this link and add the details for the new reviewer. This will automatically register the user as a reviwer and a template email will go to the newly created reviewer as well.

Ok, but in this case the email template used is “Review Request Oneclick”. So it seems that “Reviewer register” template is never used, is it? Because when you add a reviewer from Users menu, the welcome email is “USER_REGISTER”.
Thank you

Hi @seisense and @rossella.filadoro,

I have the same issue in OJS 3.2. Is there any way to use the REVIEWER_REGISTER template for when we register new users as reviewers?


Hi @Rachel , we found out (in 3.1.2-4) that when you create a new reviewer during the review, 2 simultaneous mails are sent to the reviewer: one is “REVIEWER_REGISTER” and the other one is REVIEW_REQUEST_ONECLICK (we don’t know why during some tests only one mail was sent, but it seems it was a temporary problem).
This is what happens with OJS 3.1, but soon we’ll be able to give you a feedback on OJS 3.2

Hi @rossella.filadoro , thank you! So you have still not found a way to send the REVIEWER_REGISTER email outside of requesting a review, correct?

Hi @rachel, exactly, we didn’t find a way to send the “reviewer_register” email for new reviewers added as users