Reviewer email not working OJS 3.2.1-1 + PostgreSQL


The reviewer invite email is not working, but all the others emails are working fine.
So the reviewers are receiving the review reminder, but never the invitation.
Nothing in the apache logs. In the postfix logs I can see the review reminder but i can’t see anything about the invitation.

Tarcisio Pereira

Hello Tarcisio,

If there is no trace of the review request email in the logs, could you please check the following and let us know what the results are?

  1. Have any invitation emails been found in the receivers’ Spam folders?
  2. Is the Article Review Request email template enabled in Settings > Workflow > Email?
  3. Has the Article Review Request email template been changed from the default?
  4. Is the bounce email set in your email configuration? If so, has it received any messages about these mails failing to be delivered?
  5. Is there any trace of the invitation mail being sent in the Activity Log of the affected submissions?

Hi @EmmaU

I assign myself as a reviewer in a submission for a test.
When I unassign myself the email is delivered well.

1 - No.
2 - No.
3 - Yes.
4 - It’s set but no messages about failing.
5 - No.

The problem was the number 2.
I enable it and it’s working like a charm. Thank you.


Tarcisio Pereira.