Reviewer, Copyeditor, Production discussions not represented in activity log

I’m calling this out as a question as well as a potential feature update:

Currently OJS 3.2: I have noticed that the activity log does not consistently represent all activity.

EX: It will show when a copyeditor has been assigned and it will log in both the activity log and in the discussion area that email and the file moved forward. Same for assigning a Layout editor/designer. However, if a new discussion is begun during that stage of the process for questions or files to go back and forth, these emails are only logged in the discussion area while a “file uploaded” is logged in the activity log (but not the corresponding email for context).

Question: Is this the current function of the system or are we experiencing a bug?

If this is the current function, I would suggest that the following emails that are generated in the discussion areas are also represented in the activity log as that seems to be the logical go-to area to get a general overview of what happened last with the file within the context of its progress.

Pasting screenshots as examples:

This is a discussion that was generated at the end of March with a status question on a revision:
Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 3.00.00 PM

This is not represented here in the activity log. The last communication appears to be end of January:

Similarly, these screenshots show an email was generated when a copyeditor was assigned, which shows up in both discussion and activity log; however the follow-up discussion emails are not registered in the activity log:


only a notification that a file was uploaded on a particular date:
Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 3.24.13 PM

Thanks for any insight!

Hi @hxo82,

Thanks for your suggestion. Other users have requested this as well, so I filed an issue for it in PKP’s Github repository, where we manage and track our software development: Include discussion emails in activity log · Issue #7074 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. Please feel free to add a comment to the issue with more information and to monitor the progress of the issue. You just need to create a free Github account in order to comment on issues or create new issues.

Best regards,

PKP Publication Support Specialist


Thank you @kshuttle!