Review Schedule - Due dates are all Editor's Request date

Another problem in OJS when review request is sent to reviewer all due dates on Review Schedule are set to Editor’s Request date even if calculation is correct when editor is assigning reviewer.

I am not seeing this in our installations. Both our production server and a clean install of 3.0.2 show the correct dates here.

Don’t know what could be a problem. This is production site and call for papers has been sent yesterday, today I was checking some details and saw this. Even after cleaning cache situation is same (OJS has been updated yesterday to

If you go to edit the review request from the editors view, you can see what the dates are and you can also edit them. Click on the blue triangle in front of the reviewer name and choose “edit”.

In OJS2 some of those dates did not exist, see the 4. issue here: OJS3 upgrade: multiple issues with ongoing reviews

So the upgrade process has rewritten some of the dates the prevent to problems I described in January.

Thanx @ajnyga
That worked, editing dates as editor changed dates in reviewer stage, although it isn’t best way because we have over 100 reviewers but will manage some way until better solution.

Great, the problem here is that OJS2 did not have two of these (I think) dates at all so creating them based on the dates that existed was really the only solution there.

Thanx once again @ajnyga