Review reminders sent after revisions are submitted

We are on version of OJS.

We realised that review reminders are being sent even after revisions have been submitted by the authors. We do not ‘delete’ authors even though they have not responded because we want to keep a record of their invitation.

Shouldn’t there be some sort of way to stop reminders after a revision is submitted?

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Nadine van der Merwe

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Hi @NadineWubbeling,

You can configure when review reminders are sent by going to Workflow Settings > Review. If reviewers typically respond and submit their reviews within, say, 1 month, you can configure OJS so that it only sends a review reminder after 1 week. You can also configure it so that no review reminder is sent.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hey @NadineWubbeling ,
we have the same problem in OJS Did you find a way to fix it?