Review form items not reordering

In the creation/editing of a review form, the form has an option to “order”. This allows to drag-and-drop reorder. However, when I click Done, the order is as before - no change.

Is that a known problem?

This is for a PKP-hosted journal (not yet public), but I have replicated the issue on the demo journal

Which version of OJS you are using?
I have had various ordering issues in version 3.0.2.

I created 3 review Forms in my OJS 3.1 test installation. Since teh journal was more or less emopty, no sections etc. and other things that may influence ordering of review forms my forms were in good order and order function functioned well. However, in some cases it is maybe possible that there is trange behavior.
I tried to change order by entering values in database manually.
Please go to the database of your ojs installation and go to table called review_forms.

You will in that bale column called seq.
I succeded to change order of review forms by changing values in that column. I have had review form 1, review form 2 and review form 3 which they have had their id numbers that you can check after clicking on blue trinagle nesides title of review form and posistioning coursor on let say editm, and on the bottom of your browser you will see id of that form
2017-12-23 22_34_34-Greenshot
After that I edited values in that table manually
4 - SeaMonkey
and I have got proper order without using Order option in interface. Please check.