Review files are not anonymized in double blind review

Dear OMP users,
in our OMP installation we have set a double blind review in rthe workflow. However, I noticed that the names of the files uploaded by the author are not anonymized. It’s normal? I’m doing something wrong?
We use OMP
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I did some research on the ojs forum and I seemed to understand that starting from version 3.3 the names of the files in the double blind review are no longer anonymized … someone can confirm?


Hi @Nick_Straw,

There was considerable work done around file submissions for OJS 3.3, which is detailed here: Improve file upload during submission · Issue #6057 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

In previous versions, as I recall, the file name was renamed with a series of numbers (one of which was the submission ID, I believe). This has changed, and editors are encouraged to check everything over prior to sending it out for review: Learning Open Journal Systems 3.3 - Editorial Workflow

Best regards,

PKP Team

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Dear Roger,
Thank you for your answer. I needed confirmation as I suspected something had changed in 3.3 about file submission and review.
Thank you

Dear Nick,
one of our journals also adopts a double blind review process. I find that whenever I receive submissions I have to check the file and its properties, but more so when there is a revision, where authors may inadvertently “sign” their comments with full names or initials. This may also apply to reviewers in case they add comments to the manuscript. So, especially on revisions, I edit all word files to ensure that no names are visible.
There are full instructions available to authors regarding this process, which are very clear in my opinion, but this does not stop authors ignoring this step.
Of course, a fine name is also important, but this is easier to edit in the system.
I hope this helps.

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