Review export to doc or pdf


Is it possible to export the review form to .doc or .pdf format?
Let’s assume that the reviewer filled in the review form available on the platform, can he/she export it to the formats mentioned above?

Thank you:)

Hi, there is not possible export to doc or pdf as an option in the platform, maybe you can print in pdf as all webpages but is not necessary export the review form, this is sended to editor in the platform.

Thank you for the answer:)

Dear community,

it would be helpful for our editorial team, if it were possible to export entire reviews—in the menu “read review”—for example as a simple text file or a pdf. Indirectly this is possible by clicking on the button “add reviews to mail” in the feedback to the author and then copy the content. We are using a review form with more than 10 text boxes.

Is there another, more simple way to export the content of the reviews?

All the best,