Restrict access to full paper but allow acces to abstract

Hi folks, another quick question:

With each article, I have 2 pdfs: one only contains the abstract, while the other the full paper. I would like to make it so that any website visitor can see the article html data (name, authors, abstract etc) and be able to view / download the abstract pdf, but only certain registered users (i.e. subscribers) should be able to view / download the full paper pdf.

So, how should I go about implementing something like that? Which should the galley file be? Should the full paper pdf be a “supplemental file”, or another galley file? How do I make it so that the link to the full paper pdf is only available to registered subscribers?

As you can tell, I’m new to OJS so please be as explicit as you can.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @mgv42,

OJS journals generally post the abstract in a text box, rather than having them downloaded as PDFs. If you can do this, it’ll be a lot smoother – data exchanges with external systems e.g. Google Scholar, OAI, etc. will know what the abstracts are. If that’s an option, I’d suggest doing that.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Yes, that was my second option. It involves more work, but it does make more sense. Thank you.