Responsive Theme - Providers?

I’ve installed the latest OJS and now all that is left to do is to find a reasonable responsive theme. I’m surprised that there is not more information available about responsive themes or providers of responsive themes.

I would appreciate some pointers as to how to find suppliers or contractors that can offer a responsive theme.

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Hi @MarkAGregory.

Here is an example of something that we have been working for some journals: GitHub - daxslab/daxs-ojs-base-theme: 2.4.x Open Journal Systems base theme that replaces templates without change core code


Hi @cccaballero,
Should I copy/overwrite all the folder and files in the base directory of the site?
can you give the Url of a sample site that is using this Theme?
Thank you.


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Hi @alirezaaa,

Is a theme plugin, you should install it (the daxsBase.tar.gz file) and select it in the step 5 of journal configuration.

We use that teme as a starting point for other works, there is a work in process journal using that tecnology:



Hello cccaballero I’m trying to install The file you listed but when i upload it ojs say error The command tar Is not available please configure it in your “”.
Do you have some suggestion?

@matte, ask your system administrator or hosting provider for the path to the tar command, and then set it in your here:

Thanks. The problem Is that i have developed ojs in localhost xampp 1.8. I’m woking with Windows 8.

I cant find right path.
I further read that there Is a plugin for Windows specifically used for this kind of problem but now i dont remember The name.

What Is for you The best way?
Can you help me with path.

On Windows, you’ll need to manually install a tar binary. See . After installation, point the setting to wherever you installed tar.

Alternately, you could unpack the archive manually, and just copy the files into place (plugins/themes), rather than using the OJS interface for the install.

Bello cccaballero
Where can i find that template. Is it possibile to use it for other sites?

I tried installing the theme plugin on a production site but received this error message:

You are trying to downgrade the product “ojs2” from version [] to version []. Downgrades are not supported.

I’m currently using OJS

Can you help me out?

Hi, I am getting that error in some journals too (with this and other plugins) I will open a new thread looking for help of some OJS team member.


Hi, I figured out installing the theme plugin without any errors. This is how I got it to work:

  1. Opened the theme plugin’s version.xml file
  2. I changed the content of the tag to

I checked almost all the core plugin’s in the system, and they all had set to

The Problem Now
The theme plugin now shows up in the list of themes under the Theme Plugin but not in the journal setup Look > Journal Theme list.

Any help is much appreciated.