Responsive OJS theme

Hi! I’m new in this forum. I am also looking for a FREE responsive theme for OJS. I found the following, so far, but I haven’t tried them yet:

GitHub - daxslab/daxs-ojs-base-theme: 2.4.x Open Journal Systems base theme that replaces templates without change core code - thanks to @cccaballero - thanks to @jerielizabeth
GitHub - relaciones-internacionales-journal/ojs-2-4-2: Previous OJS customization for the academic online spanish journal "Relaciones Internacionales" - thanks to @andympd

Alec @asmecher, I believe you are the PKP Team go-to person for this. I plan to upgrade to OJS Is there something ready for implementation with this OJS version? Thanks a lot!


Most OJS development effort is being put towards 3.0 currently. It will have a much improved user interface.

For the 2.x line, including 2.4.8, there is no shipped-and-supported responsive theme. The user contributed themes you have listed above are good options, however. Feel free to try them out and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Thanks for this info. By any chance, do we already have an expected date for the release of OJS 3?

Hi @chip,

Getting OJS 3.0 released is our top priority, and we’re targeting the summer.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Sounds good, Alec! Thanks! Can’t wait. All the best to you and The Team!

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Do any of you have tried any custom theme, I am finding problem in getting a good one. If you any free theme for OJS, please share a link.

Hi, @snsharma! If you mean a responsive OJS custom theme, this is a good one:

Are there any instructions on this theme that talk about the issue of renaming the theme folder to ‘mpg’?
I’m reluctant to rename a distribution folder. Also, do you need to install the two packages that it says the theme is based on?

Are there any OJS responsive themes now that don’t rely on other software that can be installed?

As far as I can remember, all that you need to know are in the README file. I think you only need to copy one folder. The latest OJS version is already native web responsive.

thx, I think my issue was the mpg folder was causing problems with OJS. I’ve given up and moved to the bootstrap3 themes as they installed without any issues.

Hi, is a OJS2 theme so it would definitely not work with OJS3. I did not notice that you are using OJS3 when I answered the question concerning the folder name.

Hi, thank you thank you, this could be why it is not working :slight_smile:
I’ve moved on to the excellent bootstrap3 themes, and have started to make my own variant. Great stuff.

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