Resizing header of journal homepage

Dear PKP Community Forum,

How we can resize the height and width of our header journal? We are currently using OJS Our journal link is WIDYAKALA: JOURNAL OF PEMBANGUNAN JAYA UNIVERSITY.

On the other hand, from “inspect” by hotkeys: Shift+Ctrl+I, or click right on mouse, how we can edit and save it?

Thank you for your assistance.


HI @wayansuparta,

That can be done with custom css, see Step Five: Customizing the Look

Regards, Primož

Dear Primos,

Thank you for your kind response. I still didn’t get your solution. Currently, we are using “Custom Theme Plugin”. Do we need to change with another theme? I have tried with “ClassicGreen Theme”, t he
header slightly rises to the top, but I did not find HTML to edit it. Especially in the menu bar below to go up.

My other question is how we can put Google Scholar Citation to our journal? For example, the graphic for Google Scholar citation from our journal is .
What the HTML code to display the statistic in the bar graph?

Thank you for your assistance.