Reset a review assignment

Hello all,

A reviewer with multiple reviews filled the content of one review into the wrong submission.

I believe I should clear the form elements before updating the review assignment in the database. Am I correct?

So, deleting all records of review_form_responses for a specific review_id should be enough to clear the review form, right? (The review_id is available on mouseover over the view form response icon…).

Then, resetting the status of the review to NULL should allow the reviewer to fill the form again. I believe I should reset recommendation = NULL, date_completed and last_modified to empty or null as well.

Is all this enough to reset a review assignment without leaving traces or inconsistencies in the database?

A ‘Reset review button on emergency’ may come in handy…

Hi @ramon,

Yes, the process you’ve described should do it. Make sure you take a backup before changing the database directly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello @asmecher,

Backup performed and data manually cleared.
Apparently, no harm done and reviewer is able to do the correct review.

Hello @asmecher,
I have the same issue. A review of one of the journals we host, submitted a empty review for an article and the lead editor is trying to find a way to delete the review so the reviewer can re-submit the review with the information. We are running OJS… Is the database way referred above the way to do this? If so what table (s) and info should the database person look for? Thanks, Stephen