Reset a review assignment

Hello all,

A reviewer with multiple reviews filled the content of one review into the wrong submission.

I believe I should clear the form elements before updating the review assignment in the database. Am I correct?

So, deleting all records of review_form_responses for a specific review_id should be enough to clear the review form, right? (The review_id is available on mouseover over the view form response icon…).

Then, resetting the status of the review to NULL should allow the reviewer to fill the form again. I believe I should reset recommendation = NULL, date_completed and last_modified to empty or null as well.

Is all this enough to reset a review assignment without leaving traces or inconsistencies in the database?

A ‘Reset review button on emergency’ may come in handy…

Hi @ramon,

Yes, the process you’ve described should do it. Make sure you take a backup before changing the database directly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello @asmecher,

Backup performed and data manually cleared.
Apparently, no harm done and reviewer is able to do the correct review.