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when ever i try to register my register myself in a journal I get DB error:Unknown column ‘gossip’ in ‘field list’. Please can anyone suggest a way to solve it?


Hi @sudarshana,

What version of OJS are you using? Could you provide some step-by-step and perhaps screenshots of your issue?

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Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team

Respected Ma’am I am not really sure of what version of OJS I am using but I am enclosing the screen shots.
step1 -


step 2 -


I am not being able to register myself as an author under Rupkatha Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies In Humanities. I would be grateful if you could help me.

I will be looking forward to your response.

Thank you,

Sudarshana Sinha

PHD Research Scholar,

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Your code appears to be OJS 3.1.2 (, but the users.gossip field was added in OJS 3.1.1. Did you recently upgrade? If so, I suspect that you haven’t completed the upgrade process by running the database update script:
ojs/ at stable-3_1_2 · pkp/ojs · GitHub

Respected Sir,

I think my system’s gradation is not yet complete. As you had mentioned I opened the link but I am not sure where I can download the files. I would be looking forward to your response.

Thank you

Sudarshana Sinha

The most likely scenario is that you have not run the steps in the “Upgrading the OJS Database” section of the UPGRADE documentation. That is, you have completed the “Obtaining the latest OJS code” section, but only completed that. If that is the case, you can continue with the “Upgrading the OJS Database” step.

If you want to refresh the OJS source code as well again, you can download a fresh copy from the downloads page: