Reports over longer time spans are truncated

Hello. We have an issue with the Report Generator, where it’s truncating data without any indication of an error.

For example, I just generated one of the default report templates, ‘Article abstract page views’. I selected to Aggregate stats by Country and Month, and selected a date range of June 2016 to August 2018. The report starts at Article ID 679 (expected), and ends at Article ID 874 (not expected). I ran the report again, but just for the Current month, and it correctly included data for articles from ID 679 to 1715.

A bunch of reports are needed for the timespan of June 2016 to now, for the purposes of a grant application. Is there any way to get the data out in full chunks, without having to slice it up into one- or two-month increments?



p.s. We’re on OJS v3.1.0.1

Hi David,

Does the truncated report contain 5,000 rows? If so, the reason for the truncation is probably that the report generator has a 5,000-row limit. The solution is to download multiple reports of shorter time spans and manually merge them together.

Our new Administrator’s Guide has detailed statistics information and troubleshooting: Statistics

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

The truncated reports contained 5,000 rows of records, yes. Thanks for the info. I’ve successfully output multiple reports with shorter time spans, all under 5,000 rows, so we have much more data now.

Might I suggest a small tweak to the Statistics Report Generator pages in OJS? I think it would be worthwhile to have a note/reminder on those pages about the 5,000 record limit. That Admin guide is very long (and, frankly, kind of repetitious and confusing) and the info about 5,000 record limit is buried right in the middle.

Thanks for the help!