Reply emails in Email Log of OJS

Is it possible to have responses to emails sent via OJS appear in the Email log in OJS?


OJS is not currently able to handle this functionality. To implement this OJS would need to act as a mail relay, mediating all email though an OJS-specific address rather than the user’s own email address, or OJS would need to be CC’d on all communication, with an OJS specific address. Either way would be quite complicated.

Thank you for your answer. What do you exactly mean by saying: OJS specific address?
What is this address?


Hi @ania,

what @ctgraham means is that OJS can’t automatically receive e-mails and save them to the email log.

But you could consider saving the mails as “Submission Notes”, which appear right below the “Email Log - Recent Entries” list in the article details. However, these will need to be added manually, for example using copy and paste from the received mail.