Replacing article

I have published an issue and have now realized there was an error in one of the articles. I want to replace this article including the abstract without changing the submission date of the issue. How do I do it?

What OJS version are you using?

I am using OJS


I would suggest that you upgrade to latest version. 3.0.2 is very old and full of bugs.

But go to Submissions > Archive
Find the article you want edit and click the title.
You should end up to the Production stage of that article.
In the bottom of the screen is the Galleys grid where you can replace the full text version of the article to a new version.
In the upper right corner is link “Metadata”. By clicking that you can open the article metadata form where you find the abstract.

Thanks for the help.
Regarding the version, I will inform my administrator.


What does it take to upgrade?