Replace font size OJS

How to replace font size OJS back to default?

because font size above bigger from before

Does this happen in just one browser on one computer, or in every browser on every computer?

If just one browser, you’ll need to reset the browser’s font size. Usually this is CTRL+0.

If every browser, this is likely caused by a CSS change, and you’ll need to edit the journal’s style sheet.
User Home → Journal Manager → Setup → 5. The Look → 5.6 Journal Layout

after journal layout? and then?

Is there a current file listed for the “Journal Style Sheet”? If so, you will need to edit or delete this file. If not, the problem lies elsewhere.

ok, solved…
thanks for your information :slight_smile:

I want to change my OJS font size beacuse it’s to small… where I can change it? Thanks