Removing plugin through OJS web interface

I tried to install a plugin but I suspect it was packaged wrong. It won’t show up in the plugin listing to activate, but when I try to upload it again (packaged correctly) I get the message that it is already installed (and can be updated). I’m guessing perhaps the plugin has been registered (the version.xml file was placed correctly in the package) but since the rest of the files can’t be found, it’s a dead end.

I currently do not have access to either the database or server files, but I was wondering if there is any way of removing/uninstalling the plugin only through the web interface.

OJS 3.3.0-13

Hi @erikstattin

unfortunately, you can’t uninstall a plugin via the web interface in OJS. Do you have any database access at all? Via PHPMyAdmin maybe?


Thank you for confirming what I suspected, @jnugent! I’ll look into the possibility of accessing via PHPMyAdmin.