Removing Online Submissions

Is it possible to remove the “Online Submissions” section from this page?

Thank you

In 2.4.6, this section will be hidden if user registration is disabled in Journal Setup step 4.1.

This logic is slightly confused, so it was updated in the latest changes to 2.4.6 so that only the “Register” link is hidden and the login link remains.

If you want to simply hide the whole section regardless of the Journal Setup, you could use CSS to target the div#onlineSubmissions. This would only affect the display, not the functionality.

I’ve just come across this thread when trying to remove the link “Online Submissions” from the about page in OJS 2.4.8 when migrating an existing install from 2.4.6.

While I’m sure this isn’t anything near top priority, it could be quite helpful to have a setting “Deactivate online submissions”, because the section “Online Submissions” is now always shown to unregistered and registered users, even if there is no section open for submissions.

Or am I missing something that a journal manager could to without modifying the tpl file mentioned above if he wants to hide the submission functions from all non-editor/non-manager users? Thanks!


Ok, before I start changing the tpl file to completely hide the submission link, it would be great if someone could confirm that there’s currently no setting from the UI to do this in OJS 2.4.8. @asmecher, maybe you could answer this?

(We would like avoid individual code changes where possible so that our OJS installations can be managed and updated easily. That’s why I am asking…)

We have followed these instructions in the past to disable public submissions in OJS:

The simplest way to disable public submissions to an OJS journal is through the “Journal Sections” interface. While logged in as a Journal Manager, navigate to “User Home > Journal Manager > Journal Sections”. From there, click the “Edit” link for the section you wish to disable submissions for, and select the checkbox labeled “Items can only be submitted by Editors and Section Editors.” This will have to be done individually for each section.

Thanks, @ctgraham, we have already tried that. In a test install with only one section, I have set the section as described and in setup step 4.1, I have set that users cannot register themselvs.

However, in “About”, the point …/index.php/journal/about/submissions#onlineSubmissions is always displayed, which I thought would go away when there is no possibility for user to submit. So its only possible to use css to hide that?

Yes, I think CSS would be a good option. Alternately, have you considered customizing the locale translation of about.onlineSubmissions.haveAccount?