Removing INDEX_REQUEST and INDEX_COMPLETE from Assign Participant option to Active Submission

Hi All,

OJS Version:

I have had a query about the fact there are blank values for a selection in a dropdown box, where you can assign a participants to an active submission.

Please see screenshot which gives a better illustration of what we are seeing.
I did a SQL dump of the database into Notepad ++ then did a search for “INDEX_REQUEST” but no result found. I looked in the email tables and no email_key matches this either. But there are email_keys for the other used values.

Screenshot 2021-10-22 113930

So now I’m wondering where in the application code I could potentially remove these.

Of course I’m not sure if it will brek anything, but as they just look like value options it will probably be ok?

Does anyone know where in the application this screen would be?

We are firing up to engage with stakeholders next week so am keen to provide something for the users, I will for now keep looking.

Many thanks all,

Hi all
I was just wondering if anybody knew where these blank values could be coming from in the application code.
I am unfamiliar with the PHP structure of the application. I thought it would be a webpage that I could find but the assign participant function gets called from index.php?

If anybody is familiar with the application structure and who may have an idea of where this could be, I would appreciate your thoughts.
Many thanks

Hi @Jamie_Milne,

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the report! I brought it up to attention here: OMP specific email templates appear in OJS in the add participant form · Issue #7447 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub