Remove unassigned DOI identifiers in database?

I accidentally assigned DOIs to all articles in the plugin settings. But we did not plan on assigning DOIs to old back issues. I have not registered the DOIs. For most of them I could just remove the DOI by unpublishing the article, but there is one journal issue where I am not allowed to view the chapter submissions even though my user has all roles/rights. Unless I can figure out why these submissions are different to all the others, and I haven’t figured it out yet, I have to remove the DOI identifiers in the database.

Still nothing on this? One issue of our journal now says it has DOI, which is not the case. Need to remove all DOIs assigned to this one issue…

Is this hard or has my question just drifted off the bottom of the page?

Hi @geirrosset, happy to try and help. Which objects gave DOIs assigned to them for that issue? Is it only the articles or the galleys too? Also, which version of OJS are you on?


PKP Team

Hi! This is the issue that has been assigned dois for the articles but the dois have not been, and will not be registered:

Problem is that, unlike all the other issues that were given dois by mistake, I am unable to edit this issue in OJS to remove them. I just get a message saying I do not have access, which is strange as I am the one who published it and I am trying this as site admin and should have all access rights to all issues.