Remove case sensitive search when assigning participants

Describe the problem you would like to solve
When assigning a participant, the user will search for other users assigned to certain roles. Currently the search is case sensitive - e.g. ‘sarah’ will not bring up a result, but ‘Sarah’ will, if the user has a capital S in their profile name. This is leading to editors thinking that they are missing users when in fact the search is just being very specific.


Describe the solution you’d like
Remove the case sensitive rule in the search results when assigning a participant.

Who is asking for this feature?
Journal editors/managing editors

Additional information

Hi, was not able to re-produce the issue as mentioned with latest stable that is OJS. . Is your installation using postgres database as I can not re-produce it in mysql as that may be the cause here ?

Interesting - yes we are using postgres

I’ve done a little more testing and it seems user specific rather than for all searches. e.g. searching for ‘ally’ does bring up someone called Ally, but searching for ‘roy’ does not bring up a result for Roy (when searching for ‘Roy’ does).

@touhidur when you reproduced this, did the user you searched for have the lowercase search term in their username or email? It isn’t 100% consistent, but the unsuccessful searches in lowercase seem to also not have their name in the username or email, so I’m wondering whether the lower case results are actually showing the result of their username/profile match, rather than matching to their name - e.g. Roy does not have ‘roy’ in his username or email, but Ally does have ‘ally’ in hers

when you reproduced this, did the user you searched for have the lowercase search term in their username or email?

Yes, I created an user named as Sarah Betts as the original post mentioned in my local installation and tried the search using terms sarah(lower case) . see the attached screenshot below

I think this is related to PostgreSQL as see the code implementation for the search as pkp-lib/ at stable-3_3_0 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

I think here using of LIKE does a case insensitive search for mysql but for postgres, it require ILIKE .

PKP Team

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A new issue has been registered in github regarding to problem at User search at stage participant assignment performing as case sensitive search for PostgreSQL · Issue #8697 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub . It will be handled and resolved there and hopefully a fix will be included in next release .

PKP Team

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