Rejecting a manuscript

When a manuscript has been submitted, and is unsuitable or out of the scope of the Journal, how does one reject it, before assigning a section editor.
I have been following the lessons on ‘PKP School’ but the screens are completely different :frowning:

I submitted a test manuscript and tried to reject it before assigning to a Section Editor as described in the video Lesson 7: Responding to a new submission. However the screens displayed in the video are completely different to those I see when I log in. The only option I can see is to ‘Delete’ rather than ‘Reject’

Application Version - OJS

Unfortunately I am unable to upload screenshots - I tried but was not successful. All I can think is that I seem to only be able to login to PKP but not into OJS.

I would appreciate any advice on this.

Thank you.

Hey @cbuchanan

We maintain documentation for older versions of OJS on our documentation hub. Here’s the entry point for OJS 3.1:

If you still can’t figure it out, just post again.