Rejected papers not archiving


I am having the same problem reported here (2009 in the old forum) in a OJS 2.4.2 installation. By concluding the review of a submission, the editor rejects the paper recording the decision in the submission review page. After doing this, the paper remains listed in the editor “In review” page. I think it should be directly moved to the “Archive”. In order to do this, the editor must return to the summary of article page and click on the “reject and archive”.

Any hint on that?

I am not sure from your phrasing but did the editor send the decision email to the author? Only recording the decision does not transfer the paper to the archive. You have to click on the ‘notify author’ button and either send the email or press the ‘skip’ button in this context.

Hi Heike,

thanks for your answer. I checked the submission history and there is an entry in the e-mail log of a notification of rejection sent by the editor to the author.