Reinstall OJS 2.4.8

Dear Mr/Ms,
I am using OJS 3.0.2, it can’t lock access pdf file. However my journal doesn’t open access, then I would like to reinstall OJS 2.4.8. But I don’t know the data can export from 3.0.2 to 2.4.8 or not? Have another way to solve this problem or waiting for update OJS 3.1.

There is no way of “downgrading” back to OJS2.4.8 from 3.0.2. unless you have made a backup of your OJS2 (making backups of the files and the database before any upgrade is strongly advised).

In theory you could export native XML from OJS3.0.2 and the convert it to support OJS2.4.8, but to my knowledge no one has done that so it would be a lot of work. And even then, you would not be able to move all data (for example reviews) back to OJS2.

I suggest that you wait for 3.1. It should be right around the corner.

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