Regroup articles in sub thematics of a thematic?


Is there a way to regroup articles in sub thematics of a thematic ?

I read this forum:

I understand there is 2 ways to regroup articles:

  • through “Sections”
  • through the use of the metadata fields, such as subject, keywords, etc.

I could use “Sections”. But is there a way to create sub sections of a section for regrouping for example articles as follows:

  • Thematic 1:
    • Sub thematic 1.1:
      Article 1, Article 3
    • Sub thematic 1.2:
      Article 2, Article 5
  • Thematic 2:
    • Sub thematic 2.1:
      Article 6, Article 8
    • Sub thematic 2.2:
      Article 7, Article 9

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Hi @hcl,

No unfortunately not. Maybe to name the sections like that, e.g. “Thematic 1, Sub thematic 1.1”?