Registration on World Cat

I used Open Journal System, and I want to register my journal in the World Cat. when I use the URL of indexing (METADATA HARVESTING) (, I get error message(failed oai check for Collection).

I contacted with the support of World Cat, and they tell me that my OAI harvest URL does not appear to be a standard base OAI URL. And I must configure my server so that my base OAI harvest URL does not have any “?” in it.

How can I reconfigure my server, Are any updates or plugins must be downloaded?

Hi @alameer,

For strict compliance with OAI, you’ll have to turn off the disable_path_info option in That’s not a normally enabled option, so it’s likely that you turned it on out of necessity e.g. because of your server’s PHP configuration not supporting PATH_INFO URLs, you may need to configure your web server a little to support these.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team