Registration form customization

The register form does not seem coonfigurable. It would be interesting to have the possibility to choose which item needs to be completed during registration process and choose what is mandaroty of not.
In particular I would need that subscriber indicate their profession when they register ; could this item be added in future versions ?

Hi @cverger,

Essentially we require the fewest fields possible for a scholarly process, and it’s impossible to agree on a consistent set of data, as every group will have slightly different requirements. For now, you would need to customize the code to add fields or change requirements.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I just want to remove the “country” field? Is it possible? and what file do i need to change?

Thank you I understand. However it would be interesting at least to have the profession of subscribers to know the percentage who is directly concerned by the subject of the journal. For example I publish a medical journal, but I do not know if subscribers are physicians, general practitionners, specialists, nurses or other. I know there is an additional free text field, but not convenient for this purpose. Anyway I maintain the suggestion if you consider it in future upgrades.