Registration fails after upgrade to

OJS was working okay. Upgraded to through new code pack install and web upgrade of DB. Upgrade went okay. But two pages not working after upgrade, “Registration” page and “Contact” page in About Journal. Existing users can login. Can create new users through admin login. These new users can login using the credentials used.
Screenshot of error message attached.register

Please help.

Hi @kmnair,

Just tried your contact page, and it seems to be working. Are things still broken? 409 Conflict errors usually occur when you’re using versioning for web content.


Hi Jason,

I can only say, I will be da**ed. After the upgrade, I had tried most of the pages except registration and found them okay. I looked at the page when a user complained he could not register. And when I tried, I found his complaint to be true.

When you said you are getting the page at your end, I started investigating. Ultimately, I find that it has got something to do with my carrier ISP. When I tried with another carrier, I am getting the page.
Perhaps it has to do something with the proxy cache of the ISP. I will take up the issue with them.

Thank you for your time. And sorry for the inconvenience. But some learning experience.