Registration email is not sent out (or at least not received)

Hello, I know that this has been a frequent topic, but I have not found a solution or an explanation.
When a new user register there is no email sent out (I tried with two different accounts). I also have a problem with notification emails not being received by a production user and this is another big worry for us…
If there is any advice on how to face this important issue I would be grateful.

Please check with hosting company did you set up properly parameters for sending mails from your OJS.

Hi Vedran,
I am checking on it right now. Thanks for your reply.

Hello, OJS gives mail to mail server and mail server sends it to the user. We have to make sure that OJS paramters in are correct and that mail server works.
If mail server works and OJS parameters are OK then it should be needed to check does mail message ends up in Spam. There may be a couple of reasons but let us firstly make sure that mail server works and that OJS communicates with it.

Hello Vedran,
we have updated the parameters and it seems to be working now. I will get back to you again if I have more problems with this topic!!
Thanks again for your suggestions and time,

I am glad that it works. Please feel free to post questions here :slight_smile: