Register site for indexing


When I try to register my base url ( on the website, OAI-PMH Data Provider Validation and Registration
it don’t work. I receive this email.

Unfortunately your repository did not validate at version 2.0 of the OAI-PMH
according to our OAI protocol conformance tester. The errors received during
testing are listed below.

[1] The response to the ListIdentifiers verb with metadataPrefix oai_dc
contained no identifiers. Without at least one identifier, we cannot proceed
with the validation tests.

No identifiers in response to ListIdentifiers. Without an identifier we cannot
proceed with validation tests.

The error

Checking ListIdentifiers response

Request: GET

[PASS] responseDate has correct format: 2016-06-12T14:05:25Z

[FAIL] The response to the ListIdentifiers verb contained no identifier elements. No further tests will be made.

Can you please suggest me how can i fix it?


Hi @arsilan324

I could just validate (just validate) your base OAI URL correctly and actually there are identifiers in the response to ListIdentifiers, so maybe to try once again and/or contact somebody there?


Hi Bozana,

Many thanks! Yes, its done…