Regarding the PKP PN

Regarding the PKP PN

Dear sir,

We want to preserve our OJS articles to PKP PN, LOCKSS and CLOCKSS .
We also enable the PKP PN plugin. Our query is to where we can find our preserve articles and how article will be preserve?
Is there any addition setup require for preservation ?

Who can initiate the preservation setup?

Kindly guide.

Thank you.

Hi @National_Journal_of ,

I believe this doc shoudl help: PKP Preservation Network

Regards, Primož

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Dear Sir,

We have check the PKP PN status but there is no any article is deposit or preserve till date. Kindly look into this.
Screenshot is attached herewith.


Hi @National_Journal_of,

See e.g.:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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