Regarding PKP PN article preservation

Regarding PKP PN article preservation

Dear Sir,
After 2 years, there is only 1 issue is preserved and completed the process through PKP PN.
What is the issue in this case? In some issue it will show unknown LOCKSS state in progress, in some XML error and in some issue harvest error.
Kindly guide.

We have check in keeper registry: issue vol 12-1, vol 13 - 7 to 12 were not found.

Kindly look into this and guide what to do.

OJS version:

Please consider the README of the plugin and the help page on PKP PN, there are useful hints how to troubleshoot.

Dear Sir/Madam,
We can not understand. Kindly guide for the same in details.

Hi @National_Journal_of,

I can confirm most of your deposits have been preserved, except the ones with harvest-error and xml-error.

Follow some notes:
harvest-error: There was an error while resolving the hostname of your journal, and network issues are out of my control. But I’ll setup the system to retry some times, if it was a temporary issue, it will be enough to get it fixed.

xml-error: Something wrong happened while exporting the deposit on your installation. It could be a bug on the software or a data problem (e.g. a missing submission file is enough to break the process).
This issue should be improved by:

Unknown LOCKSS state inProgress: This should be addressed by:

About the plugin fixes, we didn’t release a new version yet with the fixes, but you might upgrade manually (just check the instructions at the repository).

Jonas Raoni

Also, I can try to help with the xml-error… First you need to try exporting the failing issue using the Native XML Plugin at Tools > Native XML Plugin > Export Issues.

If it fails, check if there’s a helpful error message, also take a look at the server’s error log, and send me some relevant information.

Jonas Raoni

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