Regarding Editorial Management System


We are in the publishing since 2012 and we have developed our own journal website. Now we would like to use the editorial management system of OJS. Is it possible to use only manuscript management system without developing complete site in the OJS or is there any files (code) available to integrate manuscript management system with our existing website?

Thank you in advance…

Hi, we have considered such a model for a project once - but dropped it for stability reasons - which would have meant the following:

  • block or redirect all OJS-URLs that are not related to manuscript management, ideally forward them to your website

  • use OJS for manuscript management and issue preparation

  • export the finished issue using the builtin OJS XML export function and write a custom importer for that XML to your existing website. This XML export will also contain full texts as base64-encoded data, so metadata and content can be ingested from one file.

Obviously, this will require some programming knowledge.

Hi @Rajasekhar_Yalam,

We’re releasing an initial implementation of a REST API with OJS 3.1, and one of the use cases this should support is the creation of a different front-end. See Introduce REST API · Issue #1503 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub for the git issue, and if you’re interested in following the work in progress, see e.g. GitHub - kaschioudi/ojs at api_services_integration. We won’t be able to support pre-release code, but if you’re handy, this will give you a sense of what’s coming. Release dates are at Milestones - pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub (but I do expect OJS 3.1 to slip a little past its currently planned release date).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team