Regarding CROSSREF linking of references of the articles

Subject: Regarding CROSSREF linking of references of the articles.

We are using OJS for our journal. We have uploaded references of articles as required in OJS. We would like to know how to link this references with DOI/crossref?
Will the crossref automatically link it or do we need to do anything else manually?

We also enable the crossref linking plugin but there is no such effect of this plugin in references.

OJS version:

Kindly guide us.


the Crossref reference linking plugin works as expected if correctly configured.

It does two things:

  • Adds the references to the Crossref metadata upon deposit. If you added the references retrospectively to a publication that was already deposited at Crossref, you have to deposit the DOI/metadata again using the Crossref XML export plugin.
  • For references that have been specified without DOI, Crossref tries to find the DOI and the plugin adds it to the reference. For this, you have to add the scheduled task that is defined in the plugin directory to your crontab, e.g.
# Run Crossref Reference linking job every hour
0 * * * *        php {your_ojs_root_directory}/tools/runScheduledTasks.php plugins/generic/crossrefReferenceLinking/scheduledTasks.xml

As a general question: Did you configure scheduled tasks according to the OJS installation instructions?

To check, whether your references have been deposited correctly with Crossref, you can query the Crossref API with the DOI:{doi}

As an example a publication with references on the landing page:

API response (look for reference in the JSON response)

As a feedback to the developer, @bozana : The Crossref Reference Linking plugin is a good plugin, but in my opinion, the feedback part that adds DOIs to the references comes too late in the publishing workflow, when the article already has been published and deposited to Crossref.

As a publisher, one would be interested to have all references’ DOIs before typesetting the article. Therefore, this feedback part should already work right after submission, or before copy-editing starts.

Therefore, we recommend publishers to use Simple Text Query which does the same. Could the feedback part of the plugin use this tool at an early stage?