Reference policy, Crossref, Export in Crossref format, OJS 3.1


One editorial board received notice from Crossref that there is change in reference policy

Does that include how we can export and/or deposit metadata with CrossRef using ODI plugin? Please advise.


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I have a feeling that the CrossRef plugin does not export references at all. @bozana can confirm.

So basically that does not change in any way how you are able to deposit metadata and register DOIs in OJS.

(The second change they made is that CrossRef members can not opt-out from metadata exports to third parties. Meaning a situation where CrossRef sends a big pile of metadata to another service. I am not sure why they even had such a opt-out option because Crossref after all demands CC0 for the metadata you send them.)

I just exported one article and in XML there are no references. I think that it is confusing difference between presence of references in XML and presence of references on OJS generated page for certain article on which there is DOI and all metadata. Even, though there are no references in exported Cross Ref schema XML they are displayed on page for that article together with DOI. SO, editorial boards should feel confused about that.
Well it could be good to have a mechanism that will allow users to accept and comply with different Cross ref scenarios/options for open/closed and limited references. Maybe I can put that in feature requests in this forum.


I think that the reason they are missing is because the references-metadata in OJS is overly simple - just a textarea. Meaning that you can not form the metadata needed for Crossref (or you could use unstructured_citation, but not sure if that would be beneficial)

I know that PKP is planning to implement better control and tools for references and probably the reference export to Crossref will be dealt with then as well and most likely support for the Crossref CIted-by service will be added then as well. But I am the wrong person to comment on the schedule or the exact plans

Yes, I see. Well, there are always different reasons and scenarios to think how the field for references will be defined text area or TinyMce editor. I will articulate today feature request and put it there so PKP people can be aware on that.

Thanks on your effort.

Actually @bozana

After thinking this through, why not add support for references in the Crossref exports by using the unstructured_citation type? When OJS has more sophisticated references, this could be changed.

<citation key="ref=3">
<unstructured_citation>Clow GD, McKay CP, Simmons Jr. GM, and Wharton RA, Jr. 1988. Climatological observations and predicted sublimation rates at Lake Hoare, Antarctica. Journal of Climate 1:715-728.</unstructured_citation>

This would of course mean that the citations would have to be separated with an empty line.

Well, that is good idea. It could be good to ask CrossRef technical guys what they prefer and make changes in CrossRef export plugin accordingly.

I am sure that they would want better formed references, but probably crossref has the ability to parse those unstructured ones as well, if they follow some reference convention.

Probably this has been already discussed with Crossref.

Hi @ajnyga and @vvucic

Yes, PKP is working on the reference linking, so this feature will come…
There are some changes needed for that however:

  • move references out of the metadata modal and add new references modal/button on the production workflow stage
  • when someone inputs references as text, the text will be parsed (by line breaks for now) and a numbered list of references returned that’s displayed below the textarea.
  • the references have to be then saved
  • they will then be considered in the Crossref DOI export/registration
  • a callback mechanism has to be implemented, to get the found reference DOIs from Crossref
  • therefor the new Crossref deposit API V2 has to be used, which we started to implement and integrate within OJS. When Crossref deposit API V2 is finished and in production the feature can be released…

So stay tuned… :slight_smile:




I hope that this will not disturb the way how we entered references up to that moment. Any option for backward conversion of references?


Thanks @vvucic! I will think about that i.e. have it in mind…
How do you enter the references now?

Well, we enter it by copy/paste into text area in metadata form during the submission process. They are not submitted to CrossRef. But, they are visible fully on page generated by OJS with article with DOI that is requested via Crossref DOI search or other search engine.
Authors and editors firstly edit them in their favorite editor and copy afterwards to OJS metadata page. (References of some journals, books, proceedings do have chemical, mathematical symbols and it is easier to write them properly in some text editor and copy paste into text area in OJS.) It could be good if some editor such as TinyMce can be used for references in order to make easier writing different scientific symbols).

Thanks in advance

Hi @bozana,
I use OJS 3.1.1 and i enter references in metadata and save it in the references tab.
Still, I do not get references in the crossref exported xml.

Is this feature still not available or do I need to do something to activate it?

Hi @anupent

This feature is still not implemented – it will come with one of the next versions, together with the new Crossref deposit API integration – currently only the citations parsing is possible, that is the very first step towards Crossref reference linking :slight_smile:



Is this been tracked on github so that we can check for updates? Thank you.

Hi @pcansf

it will come with these two issues:integrate new Crossref deposit and submissionDownload API · Issue #3803 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub and Crossref Reference Linking · Issue #3804 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.


Thank you for sharing the links.