Reduce abstract by add read more button

Hello everyone how can make the abstract short in the article view page by add read more link
how can develop this

{* Article abstract *}
{if $publication->getLocalizedData(‘abstract’)}

{translate key=“article.abstract”}



Hi @noni,

You’re customizing the theme, right? This is the best way to go about this - what theme are you using and what version?

PKP Team

Hello @rcgillis yes I am using bootstrap theme flaty style but I want to reduce the part of appeared abstract by add read more link to show the rest of it also the same for references ojs version

Hi @noni,

Thanks for clarifying.

There is discussion about how to do a similar feature for a “read more” option. for another section:

However, I’m not sure what template you would want to modify in this case - @NateWr - would you know?

PKP Team

@rcgillis the template is in bootstarp3/frontend/object/article_details.tpl I want to reduce abstract paragraph by collapse add read more link and when click on it the abstract appear full text also for the reference because it is very long in the page

Hi @noni,

Thanks for the additional info. I’m not sure exactly what to suggest, so I will see if my colleagues can make some suggestions when they are available.

Best regards,

PKP Team

In this case you would need to do your own implementation. You may be able to find an existing tool or library to implement this if you search for “Bootstrap 3 read more” or something like that.

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Thanks a lot for your help I just reduce the references list by made it collapse button and it works fine .