Redirect error after registering

We are currently in version of OMP and we have an error when a person selects a book to buy without having registered. The system allows the person to register, but does not return it to the url but shows the json with the data. Example: {“status”:true,“content”:"",“elementId”:“0”,“event”:{“name”:“redirectRequested”,“data”:“”}}. We believe that the error is related to the line return $request->redirectUrlJson($source); of the file pkp\pages\user\ What can we do?



Hi @vlondono,

I think that’s already been fixed as part of issue #2492, and the fix is included in the recently-released OMP 3.1.1. Your fix will probably have unexpected side-effects, as there are parts of OMP that use that function that do expect JSON responses rather than HTTP redirects. I’d suggest upgrading to OMP 3.1.1.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team