Redeem Your Gift in Prepared Email Templates OJS3


In the prepared e-Mail templates, there are some questionable templates in OJS3 as follows

  • Gift Available
  • Gift User Login
  • Gift User Register
  • Paypal Investigate Payment ---- Незвичайна активність PayPal

The “enable” button is checked but shaded grey. How can we remove these e-Mails?

Also, the e-mail template “Publish Notify” is “enabled” but the button is shaded grey. How can we change this to disable?

Looking for any assistance.

Thank you,


Hi @julie,

Emails that are only sent manually usually can’t be disabled via the Prepared Emails interface because they’re only sent by choice; disabling them would be pointless. The gift emails in particular aren’t attached to anything because OJS 3.x doesn’t include payment support until OJS 3.1.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

​​Hi Mr. Alec,

Thank you your response.

Our current is version:

In the “prepared e-Mails” under the “Workflow” settings, we have the
following e-Mails that seem that they do not belong to OJS for e.g.,

The enable box is checked and shaded grey.

How can we remove the above e-Mails?

The Publish Issue e-Mail is enabled but shaded grey. The option to uncheck
this box is it available?

We look forward to any assistance.
Kind regards,


Hi @julie,

Those are legitimate OJS emails, but aren’t currently attached to the workflow until the payment tools are implemented in OJS 3.1. There is no need to delete or disable them – they are not currently active.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team