Recommended strategy to upgrade and migrate to different server


Sorry about my bad english. I will do my best to be clear.

I’m new in PKP community, and I’m in process of upgrading an OJS installation from version 2.4.6 to 3.1.x, but I was asked to build an environment with OJS 3.1.x in a different server, to be tested by some users, before the migration.

To be more clear.

  • Now I have OJS v2.4.6 in server1 (in production)
  • I have to install OJS v3.1.x in server2 as a TEST (but with real data from server1)
  • When TEST is OK, move new information from server1 to server2, shutdown server1 and put in production server2

I hope someone can recommend an strategy to make it

Thanks for your help

Hi @Kurumor

You would need to consider the system requirements for OJS 3 and that they are supported by the server2.
Also, I hope you are keeping the same domain? If so check what final steps will be necessary to change the domain to point to that new server2.

  1. when doing the step: “install OJS v3.1.x in server2 as a TEST (but with real data from server1)”:
    Maybe to first install a clean OJS 3.1.x on your server 2, as this would be you final and public version – with everything set up for that final switch. When that is working fine, clear the DB of that new OJS 3.1.x installation, and use the current data backup from your OJS 2.4.6 installation (files folder, public folder, DB dump, eventually/partly, copy/apply it on your server2, and start DB upgrade there.
    Note every step you do, every problem you encounter or have to fix!
    You will then probably have to adapt the look/CSS of the journal(s) for the new OJS 3 version.
    Note every final step and keep the final CSS!
    If you have to change/adapt any data (e.g. journal set up texts) for the new OJS 3 version, again, note every final step and text/content needed!
    When everything is OK, and you noted everything, you will have a plan and steps needed for the real/production upgrade.
    Maybe you can test all the steps one more time – testing the final “real” migration scenario.
  2. For the step: “When TEST is OK, move new information from server1 to server2, shutdown server1 and put in production server2”:
    You would need to plan a short “off”-time for your journal and inform the users.
    Then disable the access to your OJS 2.4.6 journal, so that no data can be changed there any more. Then backup EVERYTHING! And do all the upgrade steps from 1). Test, test, test. When everything OK, switch the domain.
    Keep the backups for some, maybe even longer time. Maybe also the server1 for some time.

Hmm… I hope I considered everything…
Also, haven’t done all this in the real production for a long time, thus maybe someone else have other suggestions…


Hi @bozana
Thank you very much for your detailed information.
I will take my time to do the migration step by step and taking notes of every single step. Great tip.

Certainly will be a period of downtime while the final migration occurs. I will keep same domain but server2 will be provided by different hosting. It will take some time for DNS information to be propagated.

Thanks again and I will let you know how well (or not so well) the migration process results.