Recaptcha don't working with Bootstrap 3 theme

Hello everyone and thanks for the time you dedicate to me. First of all, well met since I haven’t written in a while.
on this site, the recaptcha with the bootstrap template does not appear.

if I put the default template instead the recaptcha box “I’m not a robot” appears.

if I analyze the page I notice that the code is not shown in the html at all. the version of ojs is and of bootstrap3 is v3.4.0.0 released on 2023-07-10 which precisely says
“Fixes ReCAPTCHA support”.

this same configuration on another site with ojs pkp works correctly and I can see the recaptcha.

Can you give me some advice on how to solve the problem? thanks as always.

ps: I had thought of directly inserting the recaptcha code
Schermata 2023-11-30 alle 14.48.36

in the registration page at the following path ../lib/pkp/pages/user is this a solution?


You’ll find a solution for your issue here.

Best regards,

I’m a big idiot. I myself had found the solution months ago…thank you very much