Reassign attachment to article and couple question

Hello all

i’m a school admin where im continuing of work from the previous site administrator

School Journals Has been suspended earlier because on files folder contain many non document (exe,vbs etc)

so its look like from the teacher told me ,all of document has been deleted

so i restore the upload folder and uploaded one by one each articles but i change the patch structure
its a windows server on appserv , Ojs is located in C:\appserv\www\ojs, while the uploaded path is on drive D:\ the OJS is Using 2.8 version

i made changes on but its seems the document doesn’t correctly assign to articles (No problem on new article after site changes)

but the old attachment article didn’t start downloading attachment after clicking “download this article” or blank not found

so i take a look at article files tables on database and on “viewable” column, i notice they were set at value “0”

do i need to set this value to “1”?

The second one is

how do we enable simple javascript within article ?i tried adding js tags on but its not working

the teacher want to add something like clickable hide and display with java script …like on forum spoiler

Thank you

Hi @berdikari

What OJS version are you using?
Do you have HTML article galleys and would like to use JavaScript in them?